July 4 Parade Micanopy FL

Last Update 9/27/00

These pictures are of the July 4th Parade in Micanopy FL. Each year several of us gather at Reddick Brothers Hardware Store on Hwy 441 in Micanopy and pick a tractor to ride in the parade.

Just as a point of interest, the movie Doc Hollywood was filmed in Micanopy. You may recognize the street.

ATIS members present were: Larry Sikes, John Funk, and Andy Kiddermer.

Ken Reddick gives instructions to Jackie Shatzer on the GP. Thats Andy on the right. Ken Reddick, John Funk and his wife Linda. Which tractor you want John?
That's me on a JD D Ken Reddick on an H
John Funk on a BO George Smith on a 435D
John's friend on a Mod 40 Jackie on the JD GP
John Mastern on an AC G. How did that red tractor get in here. Andy Kiddermer on a Mod 60LP
Linda Funk on a 60 with mower The D and me once more

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