Resume of Lawrence H. Sikes Sr.

Lawrence H. Sikes Sr.

10990 W Hwy 318.

Reddick, FL 32686

Home: 352-590-2980

Work: 954 527-7360




        Extensive experience with Unix, C, Progress and most Microsoft Operating Systems and Languages.



1992 Present


Franklin/Templeton Mutual Funds, Ft Lauderdale FL Manager - Application Services


Team consists of two supervisors and 8 support persons. One supervisor is responsible for the development of all software required for support of the Application Development Group. This includes specialized software tools, Source Code Control software and necessary software to support and operate the Quality Assurance Function The second supervisor is responsible for the testing, QA, and deployment of all application software developed in-house. Responsible for development of all UNIX functions and C code used in the support of the System and the related Development/QA Functions.


1989 1992


Computer Solutions Group, Coral Springs, FL - Director


Senior Consultant/Manager of Company

Designed software for Bell System to allow real time updating of 911 system database. (UNIX,C)

Designed and developed system management software for IBM's 411 information system. (AIX,C)



1984 - 1989


Data Station, Pompano Beach, FL Director - Research and Development


Designed and lead development team in development of specialized Stock Trading Software. (UNIX,XENIX,SCO,C,Progress)


1980 - 1983


Southern Bell, Atlanta, Ga. Staff Manager


Designed and developed specialized software for routing of installation and repair groups. (UNIX,C)


1978 - 1980


AT&T, Lisle, IL. Instructor/Developer Unix and C


Wrote and taught courses in Unix, C programming, and Shell Programming for the Bell System Center for

Technical Education.


1972 - 1978


Southern Bell, Atlanta, Ga.


Central Office Supervisor

Managed group of 6 electronic switching offices


1971 - 1972


Bell Telephone Labs, Columbus, Oh


Member Technical Staff

Developer of applications for Unix system


1965 - 1971


Southern Bell, Atlanta, Ga.


Craft and Management positions - Switching * Manager of Dial 0 Operator Switching System TSPS.



Mathematics, 1972 Clayton College, Morrow, Ga.